aeris’s US Team Grows

This has been quite the year for aeris. Since launching in January, the United States aeris team was made up of a small staff of dreamers and innovators.  And in less than 9 months, it has now grown into a full-grown operation due to the massive increase in demand and interest in our air purifiers.

Over the last few months, the US aeris team has added multiple people to our business development, marketing, and logistics, and is relocating its center of operations to Los Angeles.

Meet our new, expanded team in the bios below!

Scott Trowbridge

Scott recently joined aeris as our new Senior Vice President Of Sales.  Scott has spent his career growing and expanding business development teams, and has decades of experience working in the consumer electronics and health markets.

After beginning his work in Timex, he then moved on to become Director of Sales for a leading flash-memory company and executed licensing agreements with Duracell, Disney and Marvel products.  After that, he moved on to an air purifier company.

Scott has taken over our business development team and we’re so excited to have him on board.

Elad Nehorai

Elad Nehorai, who started at aeris when we first launched in the United States, has worked in startup and social good marketing since the day he began his career, in 2010 when he started at Swifto, one of the first on-demand dog walking startups launched in the United States.  There, he quickly was promoted to head of marketing as US expansion rolled out.

Since then, he has headed marketing at Charidy, a crowdfunding startup for nonprofits, and CrowdMed, a crowdsourced diagnosis platform.

As he has joined aeris he has not just tried to include his marketing expertise, but also his deep belief that entrepreneurship can make the world a healthier and better place, in his work.

Glenn Rossney

Glenn has been selling in Consumer Electronics in National Retail for 16 years. In 2016, he took his years of experience to help build a premium air purifier brand with major retail accounts. His passion for product fueled his desire to learn as much as he could about air quality and products to monitor and improve it. Many of his co-workers turned to him when they had technical questions about products. He continued his education and received his CRIE in 2017.

Glenn took an opportunity to join aeris Health in May of 2020. He recognized that aeris was creating some truly revolutionary products and wanted to bring his expertise at building brands to aeris. What is truly rewarding is that he finds comfort knowing that what he is doing will make a difference in people’s lives.

Xyl Adre

Xyl recently joined as aeris’s new Senior Inventory Control Analyst after a decade of experience working in similar roles at another air purifier company and another 7 in accounts receivable at Tissurama Industries Inc.

She has taken over all of the US aeris inventory management, and has helped streamline our operations so that we can now invest more heavily in our retail partnerships.

Max Marker

Max Marker is a digital marketing expert with an extensive background in Digital Advertising, Conversion Optimization, and Market Research.

Max has worked in a variety of different marketing roles for numerous companies including MECLABS Institute, a marketing research institute that studies consumer psychology and Viome, a biotech startup focusing on making illness optional through the optimization microbiome, cellular, and mitochondrial health.

Max joined aeris to pursue his passion for health and wellness and to educate consumers on the importance of clean air quality. Currently, his role consists of managing digital advertising campaigns, analyzing data, and assisting in marketing strategies.


We are all excited to help our wonderful customers as well as to help take aeris US to the next level.

Stay tuned for much more good news.

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