Aeris Teams Up With Dubai’s Blue Ocean Global Group

Aeris is pleased to announce that our purifiers will now be available in Dubai through Blue Ocean Global Group, a business conglomerate that represents some of the world’s best-performing telecom, electronics, and small domestic appliances.

Aeris will join two other international brands, Fanvil and Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler, as part of Blue Ocean Global Group’s new initiative to expand its online distribution network.

“We are introducing three new distinct products, especially Honeywell Air Coolers and Aeris Air Purifiers to this market at a time when the world is reeling from the Covid-19 virus pandemic that focuses on the air quality and calls for cleaner in-house air circulation for a healthy life. I am pleased to announce that these products fulfill certain gaps and needs in our day-to-day life and due to these important factors they are spreading their market share globally like anything!” said Shahzad Ahmed, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ocean Group.


Rising air pollution, the pandemic, and global awareness of the health benefits of clean air have all contributed to the increased worldwide demand for high-quality air purifiers.  In fact, the global air purifier market size is growing at 10.8 percent and expected to reach over 18 billion dollars by 2027, according to a new report published by Grand View Research.

Blue Ocean Global Group understands the increased public demand for better air quality.

“Air circulation and air quality has become a cause for concern for all of us. Many families have started installing air coolers and air purifiers at home to deal with the rising threat of air pollution, germs, and viruses. The new products are going to address these concerns and we are very proud to have introduced them at the right time in the market. Despite the challenges, we as a business remain positive and the new acquisitions reflect our inherent corporate strength and speak a lot about our ability to navigate out of the rough weather,” Ahmed said.

The importance of clean air has never been more evident. Aeris is thrilled to be bringing our knowledge and expertise in improving air quality in cities around the world to Dubai.

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